Google Launch- New Chrome Extension for Ad Transparency, Trust Token API

This week, Google released a Chrome extension that shows how many ads have been sent to a specific site, which advertisers or ad technology companies are on the page, and what user data was used to show each ad. An extension called Ads Transparency Spotlight is available from the official Chrome Web Store. Google has released the extension to help users understand what your ads are looking like.

Google launches Chrome extension for ad transparency

In the past, a company displayed information about its ads via a “Why this ad” link next to each ad. However, it was a typical Google Ads mechanism. The new Spotlight ad transparency enhancement builds on a new API called the Ad Disclosure Scheme that creates a unified system that allows advertisers to disclose the results of their ads. The Chrome extension currently downloads and displays information about the Google ad disclosure pattern. However, Google hopes that other advertisers will soon release a similar API / schema for their systems and make the extension more useful in the spirit of reassuring users about how and why they see specific ads.

According to the guide, an extension may currently contain the following information:

  • Details about ads on your site, including the number of ads per page.
  • List of advertisers responsible for showing ads on the site. These companies display advertisements or offer ad technology to display advertisements on this website.

The reasons why the ads are showing on the page. A combination of several factors that determine which ad will appear on the page:

  • Your demographic information: may include age, gender, and other information (provided or received by you).
  • Marketing Campaign: A visit to the advertiser’s website complements your marketing campaign.
  • Your location: General: a wide location, such as B. Country or city.
  • Your Location: Specific: Your specific location.
  • Your interests: topics related to the websites you visit or the interests you have specified.
    Context: The topics displayed to all visitors to this page.
  • Other information: all other reasons.

In addition to direct advertising companies, the extension also includes advertising technology companies such as B. Companies that load social media buttons, web analytics, or site tracking scripts.

For each of these items, displayed in the “Entities” section, Google also provides links to the individual company’s data protection guidelines, in which each company lists what data it collects about users and how they store the data.

Google launches Chrome extension for ad transparency

Part of a Greater Effort

  • The extension, which came out this week, is part of Google’s wider efforts to improve its advertising ecosystem and regain consumer confidence.
  • From 2019, in the spring, Google presented a plan to change the basics of online advertising.
  • As ad-blocking browser extensions became more and more popular and more and more browsers used built-in anti-tracking and user fingerprint blocking features, Google noticed that it was hanging on the wall, turning the web into a situation where most of the ads were placed. Blocked cases, browsers, and websites that rely on ads die over time without generating adequate revenue.
  • Google’s plan to prevent future apocalypse was to get rid of the older technologies that made possible the toxic advertising ecosystem and introduce new ones.
  • The first thing Google did was remove third-party cookies, technology advertisers could use to track users across all browsers with amazing accuracy.
  • Second, Google has a built-in ad blocker in Chrome that doesn’t block ads from all sites but only from inappropriate sites.
  • As a replacement for the current ad technology, Google 2019 announced a new built-in Chrome Sandbox, a privacy sandbox that exchanges enough information about users to allow advertisers to group users into common groups, but not enough to provide details. Each user’s profiles.
  • Google also announced another new technology – a data protection budget that may limit the frequency with which advertisers can request user data from a browser API.

The New Trust Token API

  • This week, Google officially unveiled a new privacy-friendly API, and engineers are working on implementing this plan for a better ad ecosystem.
  • This is called the Trust Token API and is a new browser technology that solves the problem of completely removing third-party cookies.
  • For many, unknown third party cookies were not only a means of tracking users online but also an ideal scam and bot detection system.
  • The new Trust Token API creates cryptographically signed unique access keys for each user that advertisers cannot use for tracking. However, website owners can still determine if a user is a robot or a real person.

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